Firm History

Ellis B. Freatman, Jr. began practicing law in 1954 at 105 North Huron Street, Ypsilanti, MI. His practice grew, and in 1959 John M. Barr, had clerked for Mr. Freatman for several years prior, joined the firm as an associate. Mr. Barr became a partner in 1961, and the firm was known as Freatman and Barr. Freatman and Barr constructed the present law office at 105 Pearl Street in October of 1963. Our main office building is in downtown Ypsilanti on the corner of Huron and Pearl Streets. In 1970, William F. Anhut joined the firm and the firm became Freatman, Barr & Anhut. Peter J. Moir joined the firm in 1975 and became a partner in 1977. The firm then continued as Freatman, Barr, Anhut & Moir.

Ellis B. Freatman, Jr. retired in 1977. Mr. Moir left the firm in 1982. In 1982 the firm incorporated. Monika H. Sacks became a principal and the firm was named Barr, Anhut & Sacks, P.C. Mrs. Sacks left the firm in 1994 and the firm name was changed to Barr, Anhut & Associates, P.C. John S. Gilbreath, Jr. joined the firm in 1998, and in 2001 the firm was named Barr, Anhut & Gilbreath, P.C. In 2005, Mr. Gilbreath was appointed to the Michigan Tax Tribunal bench and the firm name reverted to Barr, Anhut & Associates, P.C.

Over the years the firm has employed many lawyers, both as law clerks and lawyers. Some of the former employees include Shannon Bible, The Hon. John S. Gilbreath, Jr., Monika Sacks, Eileen J. Slank, Jesse O'Jack, Wallace Snyder, George Parker, James Nelson, Elmer White, and Thomas Tellerico. William F. Anhut retired in 1996.

Currently, the firm has two principal attorneys, John M. Barr and Karl A. Barr; Associate Attorney Daniel J. DuChene; and Of-Counsel Attorney Jesse O'Jack. Karl A. Barr joined the firm as an associate in October of 2001 (Karl is the second oldest son of John M. Barr) and became a principal in 2004.